is it a crime that...

everyday i wish i was somebody else?

To The Lighthouse...

i tried so hard to like it, i really did. it was waay too confusing and the second half was completely in OPERA. i mean, i would sit through an opera, but a play that becomes an opera in the second half? no. it was random, there wasn't really any exposition and the subtext was spoken making it difficult to determine which was an inner voice, and which was actual dialog. The set was simple, but amazing as it worked well with the color and mood changes, but it didn't change my opinion overall. i really did try to like it, but i am ashamed to say that this is the first play i have seen that i have not been particularly fond of.




That is all.
oh, and read crime and punishment. damn. I'm never going to get to sleep.


I think i'm contracting senioritis...

tonight i've made the HARD decision and decided NOT to watch my new favorite show [scrubs] because i need to do a response paper, a poetry drill, make-up calc work and a bunch of scholarship applications to finish. Add in reading Crime And Punishment stirr in some spanish vocabulary,and LOST, let sleep an hour and you get ONE DEAD LEAH. oh well. I've come to the realization that i will fail my calc quiz next block and that's about it. i can't think of anything else to say except that i need some sleep and i'm sad because i can't watch [scrubs]. Oh, and i'm going to try and avoid that person during play rehearsal, but we'll see what happens. I might blog some more tonight. we'll see how i feel.
it's all overkill.


The UCLA Audition went...

surprisingly well, actually.

although freaking jamba juice almost made us late. we had hecka time and we ordered the drinks like at 1:15 or so, and we didn't get them for more than a half an hour!
but we made it on time.

i was pretty stressed at first because my brother, (who is always there for me), couldn't come b/c his dad got mad about him being out so much and spending a lot of money and going out so much
THEN 'oh i don't want to go so i'm going to give you a bunch of bs excuses so that you'll let me off the hook...' from someone else

so felice went with me and that went well

i didn't get my headshot until this morning b/c walgreens wouldn't reprint my senior picture w/o written permission despite the fact that i told them my uncle was the photographer but he lives in arizona (even though he didn't take my senior pic, he still senior pics in arizona)
then when i went to get my make-up done this morning it took FOREVER coz there was only one girl working the counter and she had to bounce between me and what seemed like the 50 million customers that she had.
so ms. daly gave me my headshot from the play last year and we made it out to SF without getting lost.

there was about an hour and a half of dead time from the time i got there to the time that i actually had to do my monologues, so in that time i ran over them in my head like 50 times, but somehow my monologue from the play last year (midsummer) kept popping into my head and i was thinking "in this same interlude it doth befall...." instead of "is he not approved in the height a villain?" but it worked itself out.

there was one judge that watched the auditions. and i think i did pretty well. I WAS CONFIDENT! you would have been proud and i wouldn't have had to sing the teapot song. so i did my first monologue and then went on to colorado and i got some laughs out of him, so that was good. i remembered to PAUSE and BREATHE during the beatrice monologue and i didn't forget any of my lines! woo hoo. then was time for the

where they asked stuff like "if you could adapt any book for the stage, which would it be, why, and how would you stage it?" so i said either East of Eden or Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists because EoE had tremendous character development and the inner-play between adam and his wife would be compelling and Pirates! becuase it could be an excellent and absurd slapstick comedy. my interviewer guy kind of reminded me of bill nighy. just a little.

so afterwards me and felice wandered around powell and went to the disney store where there was cool stuff i didn't have money for, and then we went into tiffany's and pretended like we were audrey hepburn and i think this one lady that worked there thought we were rich girls because she asked us if we were interested in anything... it was fun.

anyway, it went well and everyone is telling me i'm going to make it in, and i really want to but i think as far as the theater goes i might be happier at irvine or SF state b/c they let you take acting classes freshman year, rather than waiting a year like they do at UCLA.

well, i guess we won't see how i did though until march-april. whatever. i'm not going to stress about it anymore.