Sleep: America's Other National Debt

yes, i am in debt, and i doubt i will ever recover. it's 12:12 am and i haven't even started hw for my other classes, just finished spanish and that's it. maybe if i loose enough sleep i'll die and won't have to do homework anymore! bleh. but on the downside, daly'd kill me for missing the play, and i'd never get to see pirates 2. oh well, it's a choice to make. gonna get back to work now, wish me luck. me and andrew are performing our scenes tomorrow, and we are SO NOT prepared, thanks to a certain someone *cough cough* eliza *cough cough*. whatever. we'll work through it somehow. goodnight and good luck.
oh, and as a p.s. pore strips suck.

Half A World Away...

well at least i wish i was. now i think i'm getting sick again, and that sucks because the play's coming up soon. i wonder if anyone missed me while i was gone on saturday...

Veer Zaara

it's amazing how long after the pictures from a movie fade, the emotions stay.
i need someone to carry me away.

*sigh* again.

i feel all warm and fuzzy.



Dorine wants to tell him. Frankly, at this point, I don't care anymore. I just don't want everyone else to know. I wish there was sort of signal he could give me if he liked me back. Like "hey, how bout them raiders?" or something. Some sort of code that doesn't come up in everyday life (well between us anyway...) or sound totally awkward.
why is love so complicated?


What's Going On?

One am finishing up homework on what should have been a day off. Here's what's new with me:
What's New:

  • A Midsummer Night's Dream I believe i mentioned it before, but i made it into the play. Rehearsals are pretty much every day now, saturday included. When i get more time i'll post some production pictures.
  • Crush No details on that. No who, what, when or where. To put it simply: i have a crush, and that's all you're going to find out.
  • Los Angeles It took lots of persuasion, but Anna's mom's finally going to let her go to L.A with me in march on the film club trip. More info and pictures later.
  • Screenwriting I am now an official screenwriter because I was asked to write the trailer for the play to put on rebel vision (school announcements broadcasted weekly). We will be shooting soon.
  • Fanfic Yes, people, I'm working on it, but as with all things when you go to school and act, it will take a long time. Relax, re-read it. Hopefully i can get the next chapter out before the end of march.
  • Quote "If I ever want to be in a movie with Johnny Depp, I have to start somewhere. I guess my starting place is a WALL." - Solia Jacobs 2/17/06

Well that's all for today, hopefully i'll blog more soon, and maybe some pictures too.