Are you F-ing Kidding Me?

What's the point of having an on campus Starbucks if it doesn't open until 9:30 on the weekends?

Students have rehearsal, people! We need the caffeine!

And what's the deal with the commons being closed until 9:30?!? My call time is 8:30! And I don't think I get breaks!

The only thing that's open at 7:30am is a convenience store, and granted they take the zot bucks, that doesn't compare to starbucks or commons because you still have to come back and COOK whatever it is you bought.


See? I shouldn't be allowed to be awake this early! And for the record I've figured out if I have an 8:00 class I need to be up like 2 hours early to guarantee that I'll get there on time. Beings as I've realized that, OPEN UP SOME PLACES FOR COFFEE, DAMNIT!

That is all.



well, no, not really. I'm just psyched because the sweeney todd trailer came out today! woo hoo!

so i was trying to figure out what song Johnny was singing, and after many plays of the soundtrack (i just sort of let it play instead of actually looking for it) i figured out it was Epiphany. I also realized that hollywood is running out of music to play in movie trailers because the dramatic cues in the sweeney trailer were EXACTLY the same as the one in the trailer for Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End...except the sweeney one is orchestrated and not sung.

see? haha.
Other 'Epiphanies' i've had include:
1) sometimes posts on imdb are HILARIOUS, but i can't laugh because it's 2:30am and my roommates (see previous post for a definition) are sleeping.
in response to johnny sounding like jack sparrow in the trailer: "Just think of it as a Marketing angle.
POTC 3 and a half...Jack Sparrow goes to Barber College"
"attend the TRAILER of SWEENEY TODD"

2) All college bathrooms suck.
3) I'm honored that prince is reading my blog, because my friends don't even read my blog. haha.
4) No matter how much sleep i've had or how early i wake up, i'm still up until past 1am.
5) people are really open with their drugs here. I went to the ARC with a bunch of people and practically out of our front door (well not really, but on the patio across from it), there were two big groups at the tables smoking hookahs.
6)no matter what floor you're on, outside noise always sounds like you're at ground-level and people are 5 feet from your window.
7)Despite having the appearance of being very organized, half the things in college shows would fall apart without Assistant Stage Managers and Production Assistants (because sometimes the actual Stage Manager is MIA and spacing out, or the Director is nowhere to be found.)
8) Disneyland is the only answer to the question "what do we do this weekend?" because everyone's got season passes because either they live in so-cal, or are weird nor-cal people like me and buy them just because they went two weekends in a row.
9) not having a car or a license sucks.

In response to epiphany #9, i must get some sleep because pieces are breaking off of my laptop, and the only nearby apple store is in Fashion Island, and i have to take the bus. bleh. goodnight, or in all technicality since it is 2:50am, goodmorning.


Despite Having No Sleep, I'm Still 20 Minutes Early To EVERYTHING

Yeah. It baffles me too. I'm never on time for anything, much less EARLY. haha. Drama 30A I was almost 20 minutes early and studio 4 was still dark and empty. That class went awesome. Anyway. I should leave in case stage manager/director (who sort of scares me) comes in and needs me to work.


My Welcome To College

Granted I love life here at UCI, there are a bunch of things I would change. For example, my roommates. One is psycho and the other is boyfriend attached and constantly makes whiny quiet phone calls to him. You know, like the ones the girls make on America's Next Top Model? Yeah. Those phone calls.
I'm not a day person. I'm a night person, and everytime I've tried to correct this problem, nothing has worked. It is now 1:03am and I have an 8:00 class tomorrow morning. Sucks.
I'm still procrastinating like in high school.
I can't figure out time to go to the ARC (our gym) because i have rehearsal all the time. I'm a production assistant on the musical Anything Goes and even though my classes are light (i only have 3), it seems like I'm continuously swamped.
College life has taught me a lot so far, and even given me new vocabulary.
1) Foam Party-(n), A party where college students dance around in swimsuits on a loading dock in a bunch of foam. The foam itself is a mixture of soap and spermicide. yuck.

2) Sexiled- When a roommate has their significant other over for the night and decides to make things so awkward for everyone else that they leave so said roommate and significant other can have sex, makeout or just cuddle in 'privacy'.
3) Roommate-(n) person that you may or may not get along with upon first meeting, and who you are generally social with. some roommates like to play mommy and try to set curfews because they can't sleep when you open doors and do things like that. the best cure for a roommate who complains when you come in late are to buy a pair of earplugs, and toss them at said roommate while telling them to shut up and go back to sleep.
4) Middle Cal-(n)- The farmland between Nor-Cal and So-Cal where no one ever stays because there is nothing but gas stations and truck stops.
5) Zot- apparently, it is UCI's mascot's battle cry and not just some annoying misspelled word or anagram.
6) Hella- A joke to So-Cal people. They always laugh and then ask if one is from Nor-Cal when this word is used.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll add to the dictionary as time goes on.