In A Writing Mood...

but i'm blocked on Have Faith In Destiny. I may write an original one shot fic, but if I do, i can't load it on I may just post it here, and if i do, reviews are appreciated. Maybe the one-shot will clear me up enough to finish chapter 20 of HFID. who knows? I'll blog later.


King Kong

I like the 1933 version better. The new one's good, but it's too long. Blockbuster's rental periods are too short. If i want to finish the movie tonight (i'm about halfway through right now) i will be up till 2am. damn. well it's spring break, so i guess it won't matter, but here's the thing: i'm exhausted. oh well. hopefully i won't miss the end.
good night and good luck.



Day by day my life is slowly starting to feel more like a movie.
I don't want it this way unless it has a happy ending.