Ah Dorm Life...part 6

So I'm realizing that even though there's only a week left in the dorms you don't quite get the feeling that it's over until things come full circle.  

All those posts I wrote at the beginning about light sleepers, whiny ANTM phone calls, they still apply.  I mean, don't get me wrong, i love college.  I like the freedom and all that shit, but at this point i really just want to go home.  I want to be able to do what i want and not have to worry about a desk lamp being too bright, or having to get dressed in the dark or hearing that goddamned intake of air and movement of a pillow covering a face if i flip a page in a book.  I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous.
yes.  people say things.  people get stressed and say things they don't mean, and they realize it and are sorry, but it's a two way street, genius.  
yell at me, talk shit and send text messages like you're a playground bully wanting to steal milk money, but if the goal is to make me cry, to give me a "reality check", why don't you look in the mirror?
Anytime a conversation ends with the phrase "i hope this is a reality check for you" They don't really mean it.  what they're really saying is "i want to look badass, so i'm going to try and make you think.  i'm the bigger person, fuck you."

and this whole free speech thing? yeah, it doesn't really exist.  it's getting to the point these days where you have to even cross examine the thoughts in your head because there's so much shit to 'avoid'.  you can't rant without it crossing the line to "talking shit".  people get angry, they get frustrated and they have the right to express that.  people have the right to want to chill out after a hard day and when that's taken away they have a right to get upset about it.

dorms are...ugh.  three people who are polar opposites are NOT meant to share a 50 foot room and get along without wanting to kill each other.
as i said before it's come full circle.

happy end of freshman year, leah.


p.s.  If you're really that upset about people talking shit, go back to high school.  that excuse and that reason to be angry is childish, and so is the silent treatment.  people get mad, they say things, end of story.  get over it.

Best Music Video Ever...

...I just rediscovered it.

So if New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) can have a reunion, can't *Nsync? I want my  *Nsync reunion!! Waah! haha.