Things I've Learned In College So Far...

So I've been here at UC Irvine since monday night and these are the things i have learned about college so far.

1.) In order to be on time to most of your classes you have to leave your dorm at least 20 minutes early.
2) Flip Flops are nice, but for the amount of walking, sometimes it's better to wear sneakers.
3.) Most classes I consider roll-out-of-bed classes. You can just go to in your pajamas and nobody cares. Especially drama.
4.) Myspace is out. Facebook is in. Everybody uses facebook almost more than cell phones.
5.) Even if all your classes are within walking distances you NEED a car or you will be stuck on campus forever or paying insane amounts of money for cab rides.
In order to keep on top of your tv shows, you watch them the next day online. If the show is not online, you can try to watch them in the main areas with tvs, but there's a good chance you'll miss it altogether.
7.) Sleeping during the day is normal.
8.) Your roommates are almost never there, and the bathrooms are always empty (in the dorms, anyway.)
9.) When you are first learning the campus, BRING YOUR MAP or you will be constantly lost.
10.) Bottled water is a must.
11.) Don't be late to your classes, or absent. It's BAD.
12.) Cell phones aren't really outlawed, but don't let them ring during classes.
13.) Gum is essential especially when you're in a rush and don't have time to brush your teeth in the morning.
14.) If you're planning to sleep at night, be prepared. It's way louder outside at night than it is during the day.