Ah, Dorm Life...- Part 2

Now that I'm not in rehearsals 24/7 anymore I actually have a life.  Since monday I've:

*Attempted to see a screening of Juno, but it was full so we ended up wandering The Block in West Orange and going to Downtown Disney at 10:00 waiting for fireworks that couldn't happen because it was too overcast.
* Done the swim to April March's "Chick Habit" with my roommates several times, and watched in amazement as my sober roommate danced down the hall sing/screaming "Too Drunk To Fuck" by Nouvelle Vague.
*Walked to Blockbuster which is like more than a mile away to rent movies that I probably won't watch. (Vacancy, Ned Kelly, and I bought Scoop)
*Planned a trip to Disneyland where I will ride the Haunted Mansion and keep an eye out for bone fragments and other forms of human remains (see the last post)
Things I've noticed, that are big things in college (or at least in Aldea, our hall):
  1. Taco Tuesdays- Even if you've eaten dinner, EVERYONE drives or walks the mile to Del taco for taco tuesday where we can get 3 tacos for $1.  I've also found out they do this at basically any Mexican place down here, even Rubios. 
  2. Soulja Boy- They played it a lot when we first got here, but in the past week or two I haven't heard it.  Everyone knew the dance, and in one of the drama 30A classes they learned the dance as a warm-up.
  3. Silence is Impossible- Unless you're in a lecture or an 8am drama class, no one will shut up.  The noise in the dorms starts up around 10, gets it's loudest around 1 and pretty much doesn't disappear until after 4am
  4. Dinner- Don't go to the commons at 6:00.  You'll have to wait in line for hella long.  It's not really worth it.
  5. Sleep- will never be regular again.  Even if you wake up at 6am, go to an 8am class and don't nap, I still can't get to bed until after 2am.  midnight is considered EARLY.
  6. Procrastination is Inevitable- 'Nuff said.
  7. Double- Double- If you're going to eat one, you better have ketchup.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're obviously not from the third floor. haha.
That's all I can think of right now.  

The Happiest Place on Earth?

So now that I live in Irvine, my parents seem to think that I know everything that's happening in the Magic Kingdom.  Needless to say I've been in rehearsals for the last seven weeks so I haven't been to disney since I first got down there.  They said some ride was going to be shut down for the next year, and I didn't know what it was (it's a small world), so I figured I needed to do a little investigating and this is what I came across.

Dearly Departed - On Disneyland Rides!

The 999 ghosts at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion have apparently found room for a few more residents, according to master mouse sleuth Al Lutz at MiceAge.

Disneyland visitors have routinely scattered cremated human remains throughout the haunted house ride since the late 1990s with the most recent incident occurring in the past month, MiceAge reported.

Haunted Mansion ride operators, trained to handle the delicate situation, have caught visitors via surveillance camera dumping ashes from the doom buggy vehicles but have virtually no authority to stop the bizarre ritual, Lutz said. Disneyland security and Anaheim police can do little beyond identify the powder trails as human remains. The offending mourners often slip out the ride exit and disappear into the park.

The macabre last rites force the closure of the ride for hours while custodians clean up the gritty ash and bone fragments with specially filtered vacuums. Oftentimes the last vestiges aren’t found until after the park closes and the lights are turned on inside the dark ride.

I was joking to myself while reading thinking that if I was going to be scattered anywhere in Disneyland it would be in Pirates of the Caribbean.  I thought that was pretty funny, but then...

And the Haunted Mansion isn’t the only affected attraction. An impromptu funeral ceremony shut down Pirates of the Caribbean just last week while crews cleaned ashes from the Captain’s Quarters scene in the caverns section of the water ride, Lutz said.

Disneyland has yet to comment.
— Brady MacDonald / Los Angeles Times Staff Writer


Woo hoo.  Now I'm never going to think about the Haunted Mansion the same way again, and I'm going to be watching out for ash clouds and bone fragments.


Home For The First Time...

Since college started, and...

  • I'm 18, which is awesome.
  • I realize if I wanted to kill myself for being back home with my family for less than 4 hours, there's no way I'm going to be able to handle a summer or a christmas break.
  • Everything's broken and messy in my house, and I'm still sleeping on the couch.
  • I went crazy at borders yesterday and bought a bunch of new dvds.
that about sums it up for now.  any more updates and i'll post again later.


In Other News...

...it's amazing what you count as a priority when it's 4:30am, you have an 8am class and another paper to write for it.

I hate being nocturnal...and a procrastinator.


Public Enemy Number Thirteen OR How I Spent My First Seven Weeks At UCI

This is the performance review I wrote for Drama 30A. If you're in the cast of Anything Goes and you're reading this, please don't get upset. haha. I'm just doing my job as a student.

Being a production assistant on Anything Goes makes the task of writing this essay incredibly difficult as I have seen the process of bringing the play to the stage from the open dance call, to the first table read to the closing performance. I watched as the actors transformed into their characters physically, vocally and emotionally. Michael Doonan’s portrayal of gangster Moonface Martin in Anything Goes displayed the most growth from the beginning of the rehearsal process resulting in a strong comedic performance due to his emotional investment in the character despite a lack of preparation at the outset.

I’ve been told that many people were surprised by Doonan’s turn as Moonface, as he has been cast primarily in dramas, however I was not aware of this until after the play had opened. In rehearsals I was always laughing at him, so for me to picture him as anything but a comic is difficult. When approaching his character, Michael constantly questioned the directors, aiming for the best result possible. He created his character’s given circumstances and gave him life focusing on even the most minute details like why Moonface would know what a “mizzen mast” was if he had never been aboard a ship. Michael embraced Moon as a con man, sparking a few physical tools, like creeping around corners and his amazing facial expressions, to use in his ‘less than sinister’ arsenal. These tactics were used to his advantage, in his dealings with the conniving pair of Chinese, attempts to threaten the wealthy Evelyn Oakleigh, and fooling the ship’s officers with a simple costume. “...I know I’ll get into trouble in this get up. I don’t know how to act like a minister…” Mooney tells his cohort Bonnie, played by Ashley Moniz, as they sneak aboard the ship. Moonface’s unconfident approach to his disguise somewhat mirrors Doonan’s approach to the character. Michael was unsure how far he should take certain jokes, like how crass he could be when polishing the gun, or how much more he should pile on, such as his resemblance to a five-year-old when Moonface whines because Evelyn isn’t afraid of him. Every rehearsal Michael tried to explore new physical things, some would work and some wouldn’t. A constant factor however was his 1930’s accent.

Vocally, Michael was perfect, but his next step was to work on the physical and emotional aspects of the character. He had an idea of what he was aiming for, but all the elements weren’t quite fitting together. Physically, he needed to go bigger, and three weeks into rehearsals, while everyone else was off book, he still had his script in hand. I ran lines with him while the director worked on other scenes almost daily for a week or two, and even after that when I was taking notes he still missed or butchered many lines. It made everyone a tad nervous and illustrated the importance of learning your lines. Acting cannot happen while one has the script as a crutch, and once Michael had his lines down he was able to explore the character more physically, creating some of his character’s hilarious slapstick moments such as rolling around on the floor with his suitcase prior to “Bon Voyage” or being thrown back into the crowd during his speech before “Blow, Gabriel, Blow”. He better established his relationships with the other characters, almost forming himself as a sort of comedic glue between the plotlines. He kept the audience, and myself, in stitches. His chemistry with Bonnie (Moniz) was perfect. Her tough yet bubbly personality balanced out his childlike whining and made the duo even funnier. The trio of Moonface (Doonan), Billy (Lewis) and Reno Sweeney (Goretsky) couldn’t be anymore flawless as the three share the same goal: to take care of Evelyn and get Billy his girl back.

It was a really eye opening experience as an actor to be a production assistant because I was able to see the entire process from an almost omniscient point of view. I believe that Michael Doonan’s performance was one of the stronger ones in the show because he created a life for Moonface and he worked hard to make up for an initial lack of preparation, resulting in an amazing and hilarious performance, which will not soon be forgotten.

Ah, Dorm Life...

so strange. just like college.
one good thing happens, and then something takes you back a step.
1) tonight i got off of rehearsals at an extremely early and surprising 9:45, so i figure i have more time to go home and study stanislavski. also good, around 11:30 i find out that the test has been turned into a take home quiz so i don't have to study right away.
here's the BAD
2) i'm still sick so my throat is itching like crazy, and just when i think i'm almost asleep my phone rings it's ty and he needs a place to stay.  which is ok, but now i can't get back to sleep and everyone thinks that again. whatever.  we both know what's going on.

and i'm still freaked out that i'm not gonna wake up for tomorrow and i need to keep my A-!  

>>>from my last all nighter, and i mean COMPLETELY all night.  damn, i'm never doing that again.

goodnight, i shall try to sleep.  although i know it won't work.