Ah Dorm Life...part 5

In Aldea we have just entered into this wonderful little game called assasins.

I have managed to fly under the radar most days, but i have suffered a near death experience.

it is driving me insane.

if i remain alive until monday, i will post again then.


Ah, Dorm Life...Part 4

It's Amazing. it's 11:00 and there are no crazy drunk people running up and down the halls screaming.

Then again it is only the second week of the quarter.
I have already had to adjust to many things.

1) all morning classes- Now, morning classes may not sound that bad, but it is. I have alternating 9am and 8am classes as opposed to last quarter where 2 days a week my classes didn't start till 3 and i was out all night. I'm still a semi-night owl, but I'm getting better about actually going to bed.

2) bio- 'nuff said.

3) spending more money on textbooks, and hocking old ones for cold medicine and rolling stone magazine. (see Ah, Dorm Life...The Broke Edition)

4) lots and lots of memorization in drama.

Overall, the amount of reading this quarter is ridiculous, but I have to admit, either people here have wised up to that fact, or i'm just too tired to notice people screaming anymore.


Just A Peek Into My itunes: The Procrastination Edition

I'm depressed over bio, so i figured I'd procrastinate some more and peruse my itunes. It must be the lack of sleep or the cold medicine that's making me use the word "peruse". Whatever. I'm in college. Here's another brief peek into the wonderful and exotic (okay, well maybe not exotic) world of my itunes.

25 Random Songs From My ipod

1. Little Bunny Foo Foo – The Moldy Peaches
2. Blue Jay Way- Secret Machines
3. Dilemma f. Kelly Rowland- Nelly
4. Wasted Years- Maroon 5
5. Jorge Regula- The Moldy Peaches
6. Love Hurts- Nazareth
7. Trynna Find A Way- Nelly Furtado
8. Do what u do- Pink
9. What’s this?- danny elfman
10. XR2- M.I.A
11. Only Hope- Mandy Moore
12. Get Smart Theme Song
13. Superfrog (it’s not easy being green)- elves gone wild
14. What’s the worst that could happen?- Brandon Patton
15. I have seen- Zero 7
16. I’ll Make A Man Out Of You- Mulan
17. That’ll Be The Day- Buddy Holly
18. Black Mamba- The RZA & Ol’ Dirty Bastard
19. Vindicated- Dashboard Confessional
20. All I Need- Radiohead
21. Our Love- Rhett Miller
22. Summer Love- Set the mood (prelude) – Justin Timberlake
23. It’s So Easy- Willy DeVille
24. Don’t look down- BBMaK
25. Greyhound Bus- The Moldy Peaches

Bio is...

a bitch. and it's only the first week.



Oh, Crazy Hamlet Guy...

This would have made your class so much more interesting.


Ah, Dorm Life: The Broke Edition

So it's a new quarter here at UCI, and all of us broke college students have to buy books.  So I sold the only books I had.

From the $45 I had spent on books, all I got when I sold them back was $5.50.  
I've been sick since the last day of break, and being broke on top of that I decided when I went to buy some day/nyquil I'd buy the store brand instead.
So I did.  And it cost as much as I got back from selling my books.


I sold my books for cold medicine.

I despise the money-sucking venture that is the college system