Ah, Dorm Life...Part 4

It's Amazing. it's 11:00 and there are no crazy drunk people running up and down the halls screaming.

Then again it is only the second week of the quarter.
I have already had to adjust to many things.

1) all morning classes- Now, morning classes may not sound that bad, but it is. I have alternating 9am and 8am classes as opposed to last quarter where 2 days a week my classes didn't start till 3 and i was out all night. I'm still a semi-night owl, but I'm getting better about actually going to bed.

2) bio- 'nuff said.

3) spending more money on textbooks, and hocking old ones for cold medicine and rolling stone magazine. (see Ah, Dorm Life...The Broke Edition)

4) lots and lots of memorization in drama.

Overall, the amount of reading this quarter is ridiculous, but I have to admit, either people here have wised up to that fact, or i'm just too tired to notice people screaming anymore.