Boredom Strikes Again!

Me and Cesar were typing with only one half of the keyboard and I have invented a new tongue twister. haha.

"Sad Ed was fed red feed."

I needed to put it down or I'd forget it.


We Are...

...dangerously close to a new chapter in my fanfic being posted.  

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Just A peek into my itunes.

I love ipod myspace surveys because it shows me what a wide range of music i have in my itunes library. i found one that just said to list the first 129 songs on shuffle, so here you go. a peek into my itunes.

129 Random Songs on your computer, MP3, or iPod
1.:I have seen- Zero 7
2.:Cruella DeVil
3.:Don't Let Go- Weezer
4.:Harajuku Girls- Gwen Stefani
5.:Numb- Linkin Park
6.:You Can Stay, But No Suki Suki- Brandon Patton
7.:Clean- Incubus
8.:Scars- Papa Roach
9.:Brave- JLo
10.:Here We Go- Nsync
11.:amor y dulzura- cafe tacuba
12.:The muppet's show theme
13.:life is like a musical- outkast
14.:light and day- the polyphonic spree
15.:new- no doubt
16.:Baat Meri Suniye To Zara- Abishek Bachan & Aishwayria rai
17.:burn the witch- queens of the stone age
18.:The Twilight Zone theme
19.:upside down- A-teens
20.:Main Titles (Tim Burton's Corpse Bride)- Danny Elfman
21.:Hey Baby- No Doubt
22.:possibilities- weezer
23.:positive- legally blonde the musical
24.:Bonnie Portmore- lucinda williams
25.:No Such Thing- john Mayer
26.:Under The Water (deep dish underpressure remix) - Bjork
27.:Rules and REgulations- Rufus Wainwright
28.:Hot as Ice- britney Spears
29.:Mission: Impossible- Lalo schifrin
30.:(oh no) what you got- justin timberlake & timbaland
31.:SOS (rescue me)- Rihanna
32.:sundown- veruca salt
33.:lithium- nirvana
34.:everybody's everything- santana
35.:augustus gloop- danny elfman
36.:shooting star- elliot smith
37.:stay now- jem
38.:etiquette lesson- danny elfman
39.:Get mine, Get yours- christina aguilera
40.:no one else- weezer
41.:material girl- madonna
42.:cherish- madonna
43.:pretty woman- shah rukh khan
44.:army of me- bjork
45.:you will you won't- the zutons
46.:the day and the time (f. gustavo cerati) -shakira
47.:enjoy- bjork
48.:what the world needs now is love- the carpenters
49.:easy tonight- five for fighting
50.:overture/and all that jazz- catherine zeta jones, renee zelweger and tay diggs
51.:take it from here- justin timberlake f. pharrell williams
52.:la bamba- richie valens
53.:no one mourns the wicked- wicked
54.:lo imprescindible- shakira
55.:gaa re mann- kavita krishnamurthy, alka yagnik, sudesh bhosle
56.:don't look away- joshua radin
57.:on the line- various
58.:as the water- john williams
59.:hello, i love you- the doors
60.:you're beautiful (interlude)- outkast
61.:wind it up- gwen stefani
62.:aristocats theme song- maurice chevalle
63.:what we had- handsome furs
64.:life without drugs is tough- the super secret project
65.:the train (f. scar & sleepy brown)- outkast
66.:mad world- gary jules
67.:the denial twist- the white stripes
68.:99 luftballons- nena
69.:hamesha tumko chaha- aishwayria rai & shah rukh khan
70.:what's going on...- saif ali khan & preity zinta
71.:i am john- loney, dear
72.:forever lost- the magic numbers
73.:the treason of isengard- howard shore
74.:living in your letters- dashboard confessional
75.:heaven- los lonely boys
76.:talk show host- radiohead
77.:just a little bit- maria mena
78.:hand me down world- the who
79.:do you want to know a secret- the beatles
80.:les cactus- vanessa paradis
81.:unpretty- tlc
82.:institutionalized- suicidal tendencies
83.:you send me flying (cherry)- Amy Winehouse
84.:green finch and linnet bird- Jayne Wisner
85.:冷井情深 - 夢喃 Mona
86.:Baby it's you- smith
87.:baby boy- beyonce f. sean paul
88.:dracula's wedding (f. kelis)- andre 3000
89.:what's left of the flag- Flogging Molly
90.:intro- Outkast
91.:this is halloween- danny elfman
92.:the ballad of sweeney todd- 2005 broadway revival cast
93.:burndt jamb- weezer
94.:salaam namaste- saif ali khan & preity zinta
95.:zorro (1957 tv theme)
96.:i turn to you- christina aguilera
97.:fired up (the unit theme)
98.:what u see (is what u get)- britney spears
99.:love for sale- ella fitzgerald
100.:heaven on earth- britney spears
101.:park city is not L.A.- brandon patton
102.:happy- ashanti
103.:up is down- hans zimmer
104.:think about it, think about it- flight of the conchords
105.:baby girl- nelly furtado
106.:here comes my baby- cat stevens
107.:ace in the hole- ella fitzgerald
108.:mirror mirror- m2m
109.:look at us (daddy dj remix)
110.:shadow on the sun- audioslave
111.:beautiful world- colin hay
112.:the voice within- christina aguilera
113.:the park- jan a.p kaczmarek
114.:Friends Forever- Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke & the scrubs cast
115.:let's do it (let's fall in love)- ella fitzgerald
116.:fresh off the boat- nelly furtado
117.:foolish love- rufus wainwright
118.:my everything- 98 degrees
119.:all together now- the beatles
120.:heart shaped box- nirvana
121.:pardon me- incubus
122.:jigga what/faint- linkin park & Jay-Z
123.:cat's in the cradle- cat stevens
124.:going to school- john williams
125.:world town- M.I.A
126.:most girls- pink
127.:truly madly deeply- savage garden
128.:give it away- zero 7
129.:i wonder- the willowz

That doesn't even begin to highlight the weird stuff i have in my library.  maybe i'll do this again in a couple of weeks...


4 Vicious Tigers, 3 Still Alive, 2 Injured People & 1 Unlucky Dead Guy

Ah, Christmas day at the San Francisco Zoo.

How does that even happen?!


I Never Realized That...

Disney is so fucked up.

Now, I never saw The Hunchback of Notre Dame when I was a kid, and I haven't seen it to this day, but the song creeps me out...and the lecherous priest is even scarier.


My Family Portrait...

maan I love them.



I love Jamar.



In less than 28 hours Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street opens in theaters.

Being a bleeder, and already noticing the BUTCHERING of "God, That's Good" and the re-writes in "Poor Thing" (those being the most noticible) It's got me wondering if

(highlight it below)  

If Sweeney's going to Die at all.  I'm almost positive that Mrs. Lovett still gets thrown in the oven, but unlike the broadway show, the new soundtrack doesn't include the part where Toby kills Sweeney.


If that doesn't happen, I will officially loathe hollywood.

All-Nighter Cuisine

Dasani water: $6.00 a case.
Two Starbucks Venti Hot Brewed Coffees: $2
Mint Double Stuff Oreos: $3
Feeling Sick To Your Stomach, Delirious and Ready To Die: Priceless.


I Could Kill Myself Because...

1) I'm pulling another all nighter, and I MEAN all nighter.  I know I said I wasn't going to do it again, but I'm a fucktard and I didn't really start the paper until 2am, and it's due between 10am and 12:30pm. grr.

2) I have no f-ing clue what time my plane leaves, I still need to pack and I'm flying on f-ing Alaska airlines which I hate because they treated me like a terrorist last time.

3) I walked to starbucks at 2am, bought two venti hot brewed coffees.  Downed one, and am well on my way to finishing the second.

4) I'm blogging when I should be working on the aforementioned paper.



Crumbs! Bottom of the Barrel! UGH!


My window is always the last one so I NEVER get to take the classes I want to.
Music theatre 1: FULL
Ballet Workshop: FULL
Jazz Workshop: FULL
Chicano/Latino Studies 62: FULL
Drama 35(voice): FULL.

And the worst part is I missed Chicano/Latino Studies BY A HALF AN HOUR.  THREE FRIKKIN PEOPLE, MAN!  it's a GIGANTIC LECTURE HALL!!! Whose going to notice if I'm there or not? ESPECIALLY IF half the people signed up don't show!



My window better be earlier next quarter, or else.


Into The Forest...

I love the random myspace surveys that involve itunes.  They never cease to amaze me in their inaccuracy, but they do, however, show me how crazy my music collection is and make me laugh.

1.Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.

1.) Are you a male or female?
Baby it's You

2.) Describe yourself?
Real Gone

3.) How do you feel about yourself?
You're The Top

4.) Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend:
Let's Make Love And Listen to Death From Above

6.) Describe your current location:
All Falls Down

7.) Describe what you want to be:
Happy Go Lucky Me

8) Describe your best friend:
Last Time Lover

9.) Your favorite color is:
Clear The Area

10.) You know that:
Just Friends

11.) What is the weather like?
Dog Eared- Page

12.) If your life was a television show, what would it be called?
The Walking Dead

13) What is life to you?
All Star

14.) What is the best advice you have to give?
Guy Love

15.) Describe your love life:
Para Obtener Un Si

16.) How are you going to die?
Ready Steady Go

17.) If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Elephant Love Medly

18) What do your friends think of you?
Can't Take It In

19) What is your funeral song going to be?
Our Lady Of Sorrows

20) What are you going to repost this as?
Into The Forest


...try to redo your blogger template at 2:00 in the morning.  I'll give you three reasons why not.

Reason #1.  
You'll fuck it up, bad.

Reason #2:
You're most likely avoiding doing something else.  STOP PROCRASTINATING and JUST DO IT!

Reason #3:
At 2am you should be sleeping.  That's why you fucked up the blog, moron.

I'm so nice to myself.  At least I fixed it.



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Screw Uggs.

I want some Captain Jack boots.


Mochi Wars...

Haha.  Not really.

But I walked to Trader Joes after dinner and bought mango Mochi!

Only I don't have cool pictures like Prince.

Hopefully when I go back downstairs to eat it tomorrow no one will have stolen it.


Once Again Into The Breach Good Friends...


Maan.  Back into crazy Hamlet guy's class.  I figure getting more blogging done (even though not in a timely fashion) will assist me when I actually go to write down these journals for his class.

Why am I writing like this?  I feel a sudden burst of insanity because I have a lot of stuff I need to do by tomorrow, that I haven't done yet.  Plus, I went back to sleep after breakfast and I shouldn't have.  

uh oh.  He's starting to tell us about the final on wednesday.
I got an A on my midterm, so I'm not too worried.  

DAMN IT! The final is a take-home.  I DON'T WANT ANOTHER TAKE HOME EXAM.

Oh well. Grr.  Damn it!

Oh wait.  The final's going to be a scavenger-hunt type final because it's another multiple choice, but it's take home and we can do it with other people.  I guess that's alright.

Jen said it might rain on friday.  I don't want it to. I need to get my disneyland fix in before I go on vacation!

okay.  I'm going to stop ranting and whining and not really attempt to pay attention to this class, but I may very well begin my essay.



It's Pretty Sad When...

Pre-School shows like Dora The Explorer rip off hit movies like Finding Nemo in order to put on a 1/2 hour crappy tv episode.

"Can you find Meemo?!"

What's even sadder is that after being up all night I'm up at 9am.


[By the way, this is from saturday night live, and not the episode that was on when I wrote this]

If Only...

Now contrary to how emo and whiny this sounds, I'm going to list a few things I wish I would have done/finished/not procrastinated on/whatever I didn't do this quarter:

If Only...I hadn't left the journal for Kubiak's class to the last minute.  I didn't blog nearly enough to fill in the gaps, and I realize I'm nearly a month behind.

If  Only...I didn't have insomnia I would be asleep instead of sleeping in until 2 everyday. I could go to the ARC (gym), do my homework, go places fo a decent amount of time because I have to ride the bus which makes me think...

If Only...I could drive.  Then maybe I would have a car. Then I would have a job, cash, and a way to Disneyland!

If Only...I had an I.D., then I could go clubbing with everyone instead of being a dormbody

If Only...I remembered what I was about to say instead of spacing out and watching The Ex (even though I love it!  Jason Bateman's such a creep in it...)...

If Only...Zach Braff was my baby-daddy.  He's so cute with kids, funny and in the words of Krizia fuckable. Haha.

If Only...I had a fridge because Prince has me craving Mochi.

Bleh.  That turned out about as whiny as I thought it would, but not emo.  Thank Goodness for that.  I'm beginning to realize that I should embrace my procrastinating and insomnia.  What would I be without them really?  I guess.


P.S.  Friday, surprisingly, it rained super-hard, so we didn't get to go to Disneyland.  It was the perfect stay-in, cozy, movie day.  We tore through The Libertine, Vacancy (although I wish it had a better ending), Planet Terror, Death Proof, and Ned Kelly (Good, but a little on the boring side.) Anyway, this Friday, I hope it doesn't rain.