If Only...

Now contrary to how emo and whiny this sounds, I'm going to list a few things I wish I would have done/finished/not procrastinated on/whatever I didn't do this quarter:

If Only...I hadn't left the journal for Kubiak's class to the last minute.  I didn't blog nearly enough to fill in the gaps, and I realize I'm nearly a month behind.

If  Only...I didn't have insomnia I would be asleep instead of sleeping in until 2 everyday. I could go to the ARC (gym), do my homework, go places fo a decent amount of time because I have to ride the bus which makes me think...

If Only...I could drive.  Then maybe I would have a car. Then I would have a job, cash, and a way to Disneyland!

If Only...I had an I.D., then I could go clubbing with everyone instead of being a dormbody

If Only...I remembered what I was about to say instead of spacing out and watching The Ex (even though I love it!  Jason Bateman's such a creep in it...)...

If Only...Zach Braff was my baby-daddy.  He's so cute with kids, funny and in the words of Krizia fuckable. Haha.

If Only...I had a fridge because Prince has me craving Mochi.

Bleh.  That turned out about as whiny as I thought it would, but not emo.  Thank Goodness for that.  I'm beginning to realize that I should embrace my procrastinating and insomnia.  What would I be without them really?  I guess.


P.S.  Friday, surprisingly, it rained super-hard, so we didn't get to go to Disneyland.  It was the perfect stay-in, cozy, movie day.  We tore through The Libertine, Vacancy (although I wish it had a better ending), Planet Terror, Death Proof, and Ned Kelly (Good, but a little on the boring side.) Anyway, this Friday, I hope it doesn't rain.


Prince Gomolvilas said...

'Cuz Mochi is the best thing in THE WORLD!