Ah, Dorm Life...- Part 2

Now that I'm not in rehearsals 24/7 anymore I actually have a life.  Since monday I've:

*Attempted to see a screening of Juno, but it was full so we ended up wandering The Block in West Orange and going to Downtown Disney at 10:00 waiting for fireworks that couldn't happen because it was too overcast.
* Done the swim to April March's "Chick Habit" with my roommates several times, and watched in amazement as my sober roommate danced down the hall sing/screaming "Too Drunk To Fuck" by Nouvelle Vague.
*Walked to Blockbuster which is like more than a mile away to rent movies that I probably won't watch. (Vacancy, Ned Kelly, and I bought Scoop)
*Planned a trip to Disneyland where I will ride the Haunted Mansion and keep an eye out for bone fragments and other forms of human remains (see the last post)
Things I've noticed, that are big things in college (or at least in Aldea, our hall):
  1. Taco Tuesdays- Even if you've eaten dinner, EVERYONE drives or walks the mile to Del taco for taco tuesday where we can get 3 tacos for $1.  I've also found out they do this at basically any Mexican place down here, even Rubios. 
  2. Soulja Boy- They played it a lot when we first got here, but in the past week or two I haven't heard it.  Everyone knew the dance, and in one of the drama 30A classes they learned the dance as a warm-up.
  3. Silence is Impossible- Unless you're in a lecture or an 8am drama class, no one will shut up.  The noise in the dorms starts up around 10, gets it's loudest around 1 and pretty much doesn't disappear until after 4am
  4. Dinner- Don't go to the commons at 6:00.  You'll have to wait in line for hella long.  It's not really worth it.
  5. Sleep- will never be regular again.  Even if you wake up at 6am, go to an 8am class and don't nap, I still can't get to bed until after 2am.  midnight is considered EARLY.
  6. Procrastination is Inevitable- 'Nuff said.
  7. Double- Double- If you're going to eat one, you better have ketchup.  If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're obviously not from the third floor. haha.
That's all I can think of right now.  


Anonymous said...

dude...i need to go to a real school...at least you have a good reason for never sleeping....

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Vacancy and Scoop are actually decent movies. The first is kinda scary, but does has some nice character development in it--the second is kinda funny and charming.

Solia Jacobs said...

yup. i love scoop.

i had some people over and we watched vacancy, and i liked it but i was a little disappointed with the ending. we've been watching grindhouse for the past 2 hours though, we're just about to start Death Proof.