The Roommate Rules (part 1)

So i'll probably add onto this later, but right now i'm seriously pissed off.


  1. 1. DO NOT come in my room without my permission. Even if you know I’m inside you have no right to open my door. Or wake me up when I’m asleep, or demand things of me when you know I’m in bed.
  2. 2. Bills must be posted a week in advance or I will not pay them. I am not responsible for your stupidity.
  3. 3. No cats in my room. Your cats are your responsibility. If they make a mess, you clean it up. If someone is yelling at your cat, take care of it. They are YOUR pets, not mine.
  4. 4. If you’re working on a show with me in any capacity, you must e-mail me or discuss show matters on campus, NOT at home. Text messages don’t leave a paper-trail, dumbass. So learn to use your iphone in its proper capacity.
  5. 5. Stop eating and opening my food without permission. You’re not clever; I know you’re stealing it.
  6. 6. I pay more rent than you. Therefore I can have who I want over, when I want. You are not allowed to judge my company or tell me who is allowed to come over when.
  7. 7. You have no right to deny me parking rights just because I don’t have a car.
  8. 8. You’re a hoarder. Just because you’re mentally ill doesn’t mean you get more shelf/cabinet space than I do.
  9. 9. Stop copying everything I do/like/own/aspire to. It’s creepy and I’m cuter than you are. Get your own life.
  10. 10. Just because you earn a paycheck doesn’t mean you work harder than me. Once you’re in charge of 80 people (faculty, grads, undergrads) on a 24/7 job then come talk. Working 8 hours a weekend making over little girls is NOT equivalent to what I do, bitch.

So my blog is...

Basically dead, but my twitter can be rather entertaining sometimes. (in my opinion anyway.)

you can follow me on twitter:

besides, being a college student, a drama major and having honors in stage management really leaves me no time to blog. bleh. wish it did though.

Note to self, stage managing a show that closes the weekend before finals is a BAD idea. Especially if it's a show that the grads usually handle. I had an awesome time and every imaginable problem thrown at me (fire alarm evacuation, broken loading doors, sound shutting down, loss of control of the lights, spiders, ciggarette lighters, teenage pregnancy, really is a hard knock life. haha!), but i'm just getting better at what I do because of it.

Okay, i really must go study now.
And by study i mean, read Wishful Drinking by Carrie Fisher.


$1 for 8 minutes?!? Or How To Survive Camping (Part 2)

In an attempt to procrastinate and get as little sleep as possible for my 8am class tomorrow, here are some more camping survival tips!

  • If you're rock climbing, and you find a shoe and it smells like death, then you will most likely find a corpse nearby.
  • If you're rock climbing and you see a snake, stay where you are, panic and scream for your hiking partner and then calmly take another path back and return to camp.
  • If you are hiking alone nerves may make you panic and think squirrels are bobcats, and lizards are snakes.
  • Don't climb too high on the rocks or you may revert to a cat and get stuck.  your camping buddies won't like it if you have to get airlifted out, and if you fall and break your neck...well, you break your neck.
  • When swimming in the shallows of the lake, If you look down while you're walking little schools of fish will scatter.  It gives you the satisfaction of feeling like Godzilla.
That's all for now.  Mostly because those are the only ones written in my sketchbook and i really shouldn't dig through anymore in my notebook until I finish this paper and get some sleep.  Stay tuned next time for more hints!


Ah Dorm Life: but not in the dorms...

i hate pulling all nighters. I only pulled two last year, but between working on West Side Story, having drama 40 which makes me want to shoot myself (a paper due every class 2x a week, and 2x quizzes a week), an 8am class, no car and no time to do anything...damn. freshman year was hella easy compared to this.
so i figured the whole "ah dorm life" series thing, is basically just college, so even though i'm in an apartment now it's still sort of dorm life...just not so cramped and noisy.

I'm actually sitting in that bastard drama 40 class right now, but i figure i need to blog or i'll fall asleep. and at least it looks like i'm taking notes and not playing games or anything.

it's going to be random here for a bit. I'm basically just getting out what i need to get out so that i don't fall asleep.

it's 1 month to me being 19, and 1 month till west side closes and i get my life back before i start ASM-ing Book of Tink.
my sense of self is completely warped and i feel like i'm not myself when i look in the mirror because i've had so little sleep.
I want a pair of black skinny jeans for crew because they'll cover my ankles and i won't have to worry about wearing black socks.
i'm kind of glad i don't have a tv in my room right now, but eventually i need to get one...and figure out a way to get it because i still don't have a car/license.
i should have learned this last year, but pulling an all nighter and drinking too much coffee just makes things worse. at least there was no mint oreos this time.
speaking of coffee, thank god i have a coffee maker now and i don't have to travel all the way to starbucks at 2 in the morning. thanks mostly because it's a one-time cost, and starbucks is like a half mile from my apartment even though it's on campus.
I'm tagging this as insomnia because technically i haven't slept since 10am yesterday, so it's been about 24 hours.
I put makeup on this morning because i thought it would make me less tired looking, but i think by now i've ended up rubbing it all off.
kimya dawson freaked me out last night (this morning?) because i forgot i left my stereo on really quietly and i was basically home alone and i walked into my room and heard a voice, then i was like oh. it's my stereo, hello kimya dawson.
NEVER let me do an all nighter again.
30 minutes left. let me go now so i can sleep and be happy again and my head won't explode.



It's 2:03 am. I have class at 8am. I still need to finish a paper, and yet i am here blogging.

how stupid am I?

I can't be that stupid, I'm in COLLEGE for crying out loud.

By the way, this show is ruling my life right now:

Oh yeah. I drew that. I figured it was better to use red construction paper than waste all that red ink. Plus, the logo's really just a bunch of lines anyway.