$1 for 8 minutes?!? Or How To Survive Camping (Part 2)

In an attempt to procrastinate and get as little sleep as possible for my 8am class tomorrow, here are some more camping survival tips!

  • If you're rock climbing, and you find a shoe and it smells like death, then you will most likely find a corpse nearby.
  • If you're rock climbing and you see a snake, stay where you are, panic and scream for your hiking partner and then calmly take another path back and return to camp.
  • If you are hiking alone nerves may make you panic and think squirrels are bobcats, and lizards are snakes.
  • Don't climb too high on the rocks or you may revert to a cat and get stuck.  your camping buddies won't like it if you have to get airlifted out, and if you fall and break your neck...well, you break your neck.
  • When swimming in the shallows of the lake, If you look down while you're walking little schools of fish will scatter.  It gives you the satisfaction of feeling like Godzilla.
That's all for now.  Mostly because those are the only ones written in my sketchbook and i really shouldn't dig through anymore in my notebook until I finish this paper and get some sleep.  Stay tuned next time for more hints!