Just A peek into my itunes.

I love ipod myspace surveys because it shows me what a wide range of music i have in my itunes library. i found one that just said to list the first 129 songs on shuffle, so here you go. a peek into my itunes.

129 Random Songs on your computer, MP3, or iPod
1.:I have seen- Zero 7
2.:Cruella DeVil
3.:Don't Let Go- Weezer
4.:Harajuku Girls- Gwen Stefani
5.:Numb- Linkin Park
6.:You Can Stay, But No Suki Suki- Brandon Patton
7.:Clean- Incubus
8.:Scars- Papa Roach
9.:Brave- JLo
10.:Here We Go- Nsync
11.:amor y dulzura- cafe tacuba
12.:The muppet's show theme
13.:life is like a musical- outkast
14.:light and day- the polyphonic spree
15.:new- no doubt
16.:Baat Meri Suniye To Zara- Abishek Bachan & Aishwayria rai
17.:burn the witch- queens of the stone age
18.:The Twilight Zone theme
19.:upside down- A-teens
20.:Main Titles (Tim Burton's Corpse Bride)- Danny Elfman
21.:Hey Baby- No Doubt
22.:possibilities- weezer
23.:positive- legally blonde the musical
24.:Bonnie Portmore- lucinda williams
25.:No Such Thing- john Mayer
26.:Under The Water (deep dish underpressure remix) - Bjork
27.:Rules and REgulations- Rufus Wainwright
28.:Hot as Ice- britney Spears
29.:Mission: Impossible- Lalo schifrin
30.:(oh no) what you got- justin timberlake & timbaland
31.:SOS (rescue me)- Rihanna
32.:sundown- veruca salt
33.:lithium- nirvana
34.:everybody's everything- santana
35.:augustus gloop- danny elfman
36.:shooting star- elliot smith
37.:stay now- jem
38.:etiquette lesson- danny elfman
39.:Get mine, Get yours- christina aguilera
40.:no one else- weezer
41.:material girl- madonna
42.:cherish- madonna
43.:pretty woman- shah rukh khan
44.:army of me- bjork
45.:you will you won't- the zutons
46.:the day and the time (f. gustavo cerati) -shakira
47.:enjoy- bjork
48.:what the world needs now is love- the carpenters
49.:easy tonight- five for fighting
50.:overture/and all that jazz- catherine zeta jones, renee zelweger and tay diggs
51.:take it from here- justin timberlake f. pharrell williams
52.:la bamba- richie valens
53.:no one mourns the wicked- wicked
54.:lo imprescindible- shakira
55.:gaa re mann- kavita krishnamurthy, alka yagnik, sudesh bhosle
56.:don't look away- joshua radin
57.:on the line- various
58.:as the water- john williams
59.:hello, i love you- the doors
60.:you're beautiful (interlude)- outkast
61.:wind it up- gwen stefani
62.:aristocats theme song- maurice chevalle
63.:what we had- handsome furs
64.:life without drugs is tough- the super secret project
65.:the train (f. scar & sleepy brown)- outkast
66.:mad world- gary jules
67.:the denial twist- the white stripes
68.:99 luftballons- nena
69.:hamesha tumko chaha- aishwayria rai & shah rukh khan
70.:what's going on...- saif ali khan & preity zinta
71.:i am john- loney, dear
72.:forever lost- the magic numbers
73.:the treason of isengard- howard shore
74.:living in your letters- dashboard confessional
75.:heaven- los lonely boys
76.:talk show host- radiohead
77.:just a little bit- maria mena
78.:hand me down world- the who
79.:do you want to know a secret- the beatles
80.:les cactus- vanessa paradis
81.:unpretty- tlc
82.:institutionalized- suicidal tendencies
83.:you send me flying (cherry)- Amy Winehouse
84.:green finch and linnet bird- Jayne Wisner
85.:冷井情深 - 夢喃 Mona
86.:Baby it's you- smith
87.:baby boy- beyonce f. sean paul
88.:dracula's wedding (f. kelis)- andre 3000
89.:what's left of the flag- Flogging Molly
90.:intro- Outkast
91.:this is halloween- danny elfman
92.:the ballad of sweeney todd- 2005 broadway revival cast
93.:burndt jamb- weezer
94.:salaam namaste- saif ali khan & preity zinta
95.:zorro (1957 tv theme)
96.:i turn to you- christina aguilera
97.:fired up (the unit theme)
98.:what u see (is what u get)- britney spears
99.:love for sale- ella fitzgerald
100.:heaven on earth- britney spears
101.:park city is not L.A.- brandon patton
102.:happy- ashanti
103.:up is down- hans zimmer
104.:think about it, think about it- flight of the conchords
105.:baby girl- nelly furtado
106.:here comes my baby- cat stevens
107.:ace in the hole- ella fitzgerald
108.:mirror mirror- m2m
109.:look at us (daddy dj remix)
110.:shadow on the sun- audioslave
111.:beautiful world- colin hay
112.:the voice within- christina aguilera
113.:the park- jan a.p kaczmarek
114.:Friends Forever- Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke & the scrubs cast
115.:let's do it (let's fall in love)- ella fitzgerald
116.:fresh off the boat- nelly furtado
117.:foolish love- rufus wainwright
118.:my everything- 98 degrees
119.:all together now- the beatles
120.:heart shaped box- nirvana
121.:pardon me- incubus
122.:jigga what/faint- linkin park & Jay-Z
123.:cat's in the cradle- cat stevens
124.:going to school- john williams
125.:world town- M.I.A
126.:most girls- pink
127.:truly madly deeply- savage garden
128.:give it away- zero 7
129.:i wonder- the willowz

That doesn't even begin to highlight the weird stuff i have in my library.  maybe i'll do this again in a couple of weeks...



Prince Gomolvilas said...

Brandon Patton?! That IS weird!