In less than 28 hours Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street opens in theaters.

Being a bleeder, and already noticing the BUTCHERING of "God, That's Good" and the re-writes in "Poor Thing" (those being the most noticible) It's got me wondering if

(highlight it below)  

If Sweeney's going to Die at all.  I'm almost positive that Mrs. Lovett still gets thrown in the oven, but unlike the broadway show, the new soundtrack doesn't include the part where Toby kills Sweeney.


If that doesn't happen, I will officially loathe hollywood.


sosincire207 said...

it took sweeny todd to teach you what i already learned from all 3 spiderman movies, jurassic park, and probably the watchmen movie when that comes out. sad...