Ah, Dorm Life...

so strange. just like college.
one good thing happens, and then something takes you back a step.
1) tonight i got off of rehearsals at an extremely early and surprising 9:45, so i figure i have more time to go home and study stanislavski. also good, around 11:30 i find out that the test has been turned into a take home quiz so i don't have to study right away.
here's the BAD
2) i'm still sick so my throat is itching like crazy, and just when i think i'm almost asleep my phone rings it's ty and he needs a place to stay.  which is ok, but now i can't get back to sleep and everyone thinks that again. whatever.  we both know what's going on.

and i'm still freaked out that i'm not gonna wake up for tomorrow and i need to keep my A-!  

>>>from my last all nighter, and i mean COMPLETELY all night.  damn, i'm never doing that again.

goodnight, i shall try to sleep.  although i know it won't work.