Are you F-ing Kidding Me?

What's the point of having an on campus Starbucks if it doesn't open until 9:30 on the weekends?

Students have rehearsal, people! We need the caffeine!

And what's the deal with the commons being closed until 9:30?!? My call time is 8:30! And I don't think I get breaks!

The only thing that's open at 7:30am is a convenience store, and granted they take the zot bucks, that doesn't compare to starbucks or commons because you still have to come back and COOK whatever it is you bought.


See? I shouldn't be allowed to be awake this early! And for the record I've figured out if I have an 8:00 class I need to be up like 2 hours early to guarantee that I'll get there on time. Beings as I've realized that, OPEN UP SOME PLACES FOR COFFEE, DAMNIT!

That is all.