My Welcome To College

Granted I love life here at UCI, there are a bunch of things I would change. For example, my roommates. One is psycho and the other is boyfriend attached and constantly makes whiny quiet phone calls to him. You know, like the ones the girls make on America's Next Top Model? Yeah. Those phone calls.
I'm not a day person. I'm a night person, and everytime I've tried to correct this problem, nothing has worked. It is now 1:03am and I have an 8:00 class tomorrow morning. Sucks.
I'm still procrastinating like in high school.
I can't figure out time to go to the ARC (our gym) because i have rehearsal all the time. I'm a production assistant on the musical Anything Goes and even though my classes are light (i only have 3), it seems like I'm continuously swamped.
College life has taught me a lot so far, and even given me new vocabulary.
1) Foam Party-(n), A party where college students dance around in swimsuits on a loading dock in a bunch of foam. The foam itself is a mixture of soap and spermicide. yuck.

2) Sexiled- When a roommate has their significant other over for the night and decides to make things so awkward for everyone else that they leave so said roommate and significant other can have sex, makeout or just cuddle in 'privacy'.
3) Roommate-(n) person that you may or may not get along with upon first meeting, and who you are generally social with. some roommates like to play mommy and try to set curfews because they can't sleep when you open doors and do things like that. the best cure for a roommate who complains when you come in late are to buy a pair of earplugs, and toss them at said roommate while telling them to shut up and go back to sleep.
4) Middle Cal-(n)- The farmland between Nor-Cal and So-Cal where no one ever stays because there is nothing but gas stations and truck stops.
5) Zot- apparently, it is UCI's mascot's battle cry and not just some annoying misspelled word or anagram.
6) Hella- A joke to So-Cal people. They always laugh and then ask if one is from Nor-Cal when this word is used.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'll add to the dictionary as time goes on.



Prince Gomolvilas said...

My first roommate in college sexiled me ALL THE TIME. He still feels guilty about it today, which I use to my advantage.