Now official?

Sadly, not till next Thursday.

Solia Jacobs plays Tom Snout, Mustardseed and Wall in "A Midsummer Night's Dream". Age 16, she is a Junior at San Lorenzo High. She is in advanced drama and loves acting. She has been on stage since 1st grade, be it in music or in acting and has also been a model in a campaign for Girls Inc.. This is her first time in a play at San Lorenzo High. She is on the Varsity Tennis team and will be on the boy's golf team. She plays alto saxophone in the Jazz Band and writes in her free time. She was in the 3rd annual poetry slam, and wrote the advertisement for Midsummer that was used on Rebel Vision, SLz's weekly video announcements. Solia is the shortest person in the play. She would like to thank her agent for all the love and support. "If I ever want to be in a movie with Johnny Depp, then I have to start somewhere. I guess my starting place is a wall."