Recapping Spring Break ( 4.21-4.30ish)

Vacations from school are always weird to me. they're a time when it seems like all you did was sleep and avoid homework, but when you look back you actually did quite a bit of stuff. I don't know, at least i feel that way most of the time. so what did I do over spring break? Let's see...

  • 4.21= woke up late recovering from double days at Disneyland with Rachel, sunburn and doing laundry until 3am. Had about an hour and a half to shower, eat lunch, get cash from the ATM and pack my clothes before I had to get to the airport. Such a rush that I made (not on purpose of course) the taxi wait like 10 minutes. (They charge you so much for less than a 10 minute drive they can wait a bit, right?) Then I got to the airport, where I was NOT treated like a terrorist this time (that's a story for another day). Took an hour plane ride to Oakland, went home and threw my stuff down before I went to Berkeley to see Jukebox Stories at Impact Theatre with my blogger friend Prince Gomolvilas. AMAZING show. Both Prince and Brandon are hilarious and they leave you wanting more. :) ha. I got home and listened to Jukebox Stories: The Official Bootleg because it's all AWESOME. Ate some Lavalle's pizza and went home to a house with DUN DUN DUN: NO INTERNET ON MY LAPTOP.
  • 4.22= i don't remember, but it ended with eating out w/ my parents and my sister.
  • 4.23= once again, i don't remember.
  • 4.24= BABYSITTING!!! yay! i missed my kids so much. leila's so cute, and she's not calling me hobbie anymore. now i'm "yeeyah" because she can't say her L's right in order to say "Leah". Jamar got a snake, which i am so creeped out by bringing me to...
  • 4.25= more babysitting! they fed the snake and leila was so funny she'd look into the box with the snake eating the mouse and just go..."eww!", and tomas scared me hecka bad coz he grabbed my arm like two seconds after the snake pounced on the mouse, and i messed up my hand fighting with him over it. you'd think he'd learn his lesson because when i messed up my hand i'd scratched him, but he AND jamar started a pillow fight against me and I accidentally hit jamar in the face. then we watched I Am Legend, and we drag raced back to my house.
  • 4.26= pizza with my parents. yummy pesto and olives. went to the mall, worked on my fanfic. two chapters done, but i can't post them yet because i have no titles.
    • NOTICE: all that homework I have for Writing 39b has not been touched. see what i mean by sleeping and avoiding homework?
  • 4.27= i was supposed to watch the kids, but everyone was sick so i ended up going to vicki's house and playing guitar hero. :) hadn't seen vicki since graduation.
  • 4.28= went to SF with Nani and saw the CUTEST hello kitty bag but i didn't but it because it was like $50. then i realized i SHOULD have bought it because it was cuter than half the bags at Disneyland which is what i was going to buy originally anyway. there was this slutty blonde white chick on the bart that made me ashamed to be human. we got on the bart, it was RAINING and GREY outside and she was wearing a mini skirt that barely covered her, her leg all draped over her boyfriend and her butt hanging out. DISGUSTING. worst part is the only seats on the train were right across from her and her boyfriend who were making out half the time and asking hella loud for directions the other half. Orange Barbie doll almost made this guy miss his station too because she didn't know how to get to the Oakland coliseum. dude. it's SIMPLE. there's an entire stop just for it!
  • 4.29= went to fremont with livi and jonathan to half price books at like 9pm, bought the BBC version of Sweeney Todd for like $9. it was good. really different than the musical though, darker, more blood and the story's different. Watch them both though.
    • OKay so here's where it gets tricky because it's only 2 hours into 4.30, so i have no idea what's going to happen. I'm going to try and predict though...
  • 4.30= blogged for hecka long, slept in, went to newpark with my mom because they have a bunch of clothes stores i like and they have target because i need some stuff before i go back to irvine. go visit flea and the kids to say goodbye until june or sooner if i happen to make it back, go home throw all my stuff in my suitcases and head to the airport in order to go BACK to irvine.
wow. either i did a lot, or i had a lot to say about what i did. some other things i feel i should bring up before i go to bed are:
  • Enchanted- i've watched it about 4 times over break (because i got the DVD), and i've realized that i want to be Giselle. It seems like so much fun! maan. I want to be a disney princess and sing in order to get all of my animal friends to help clean my room. how AWESOME would that be? plus i'd get to choose between James Marsden and Patrick Dempsy. as we all know, i'm particular to johnny depp, but it'd still be cool, right?
  • Hip Hop- I've never realized how much I'm grateful for hip hop and rap music until i get a white girl overload like that incident on bart. we threw on some hip hop music after that and somehow it helped us get regrounded.
  • Blogging- I love doing it, but now that I have to do it for writing, i'm hoping it doesn't loose it's appeal.
Okay, that's all. Lots to say, too much maybe. oh well. Until tomorrow, or whenever. I'll be in irvine next time i blog with no MonaRonaDona virus blocking my way and making me shift computer windows around in order to see.




Prince Gomolvilas said...

I kicked off your Spring Break! Yays!