Stupid College...

gorram college.  Homework over spring break was supposed to END in HIGH SCHOOL.

So, to summarize, here are the tasks that you must complete *before* we

meet for our first class on Tuesday, April 1st.

--Read Plato’s Lysis and Book 8 of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics—pp 1-50

in Pakaluk’s Other Selves.

--Read the Introduction to the Student Guide to Writing

--Write two blogs in the Writing Studio

--Read and print out the Course Syllabus and the “Writing Studio Help”

sheet. Sign the forms in the syllabus and bring them with you on the first

day of class.

--Read all of the course information that I disseminate through

e-mail—course syllabi, writing studio information, etc. Check your e-mail


--If you receive an e-mail from me asking you to do so, be prepared to

define a glossary term in class and give an example from Plato and

Aristotle or to give a headnote presentation. (Details will follow.)

--And try to enjoy your Spring Break.