Well Today...

Has not been good.
I texted flea to see how Leila was because she turns two today, and guess what.
Leila's in the hospital. I wanted to catch a flight back, but i don't think i'd be able to. now i see why going to college hours away from home isn't the best thing to do. She's going to be okay I hope. Flea said that they ran a bunch of tests and she's mildy dehydrated, and there's a possibility that she could have measels. I don't know where you get measels from, but i'm just hoping for the best with everything.
That's the serious stuff.
onto the not so serious UCI stuff:
I'm not really sure about my Drama 30c class. It's going to be fun, and nathan's awesome, but it's the other people in there i'm worried about. We'll see.
Writing 39b, I'm actually in the classroom now. I thought it was at 3:00, but it isn't until 3:30. I think I'm going to fail the quiz because I didn't understand one gorram page of Lysis and Nicomachean Ethics doesn't make since to me because of the way it's phrased and how it sort of just rambles and trails off.
Faak. We'll see what happens. I still wish I was reading Sin City like jennifer instead of Plato and Aristotle. NOT FAIR.