sick of being sick...

yes, i am tired of it. oh well, what can you do? i'm bored out of my mind, i should be doing chem but i can't focus. oh well. i'll do it next week when i'm better and can focus a little bit more.

on a lighter note...
my auntie had her baby! a little girl. aww. yelena danielle. that's pretty. can't wait to meet her.

Today's Random Thoughts:

  • I need more pajama pants.
  • I can't decide between Moulin Rouge or The Island. I think I'll watch both.
  • Divorce can get very ugly. (don't worry. it's on tv.)
  • Tomorrow I'm having tamales! Yummy!
  • Curly hair still sucks.
  • I'm going to make the next chapter in Have Faith In Destiny shorter then i wanted it, but at least it'll get the fans off my back.
Well, that's all for today. bye.