Three Week Cold

That is what the Doctor said I have. "This isn't a one week cold, it's a three week cold." Absolutely wonderful for me, isn't it? What a Wonderful winter break, no?
Week One:

  1. Sleep
  2. Watch Tv
  3. Be Miserable
  4. Chat with people online
  5. Go to my Tia Lupe's house for game night
  6. Doctor Visit on New Years Day
Week Two (So far...)
  1. Twilight Zone Marathon (new years eve-new years day)
  2. Sitcoms
  3. Chat with people online
  4. Be Miserable
  5. Complain about taking NASTY medicine
  6. Work on fanfic at 2 am
  7. Work on Chem at 2 am
Well, that's been my break, OH! And try to convince my mom to let me go to that theater program in LA. That's a big job. It may take forever.

Oh, and you know what I found out? My cousin Donna (my favorite cousin. she gives me respect and treats me like an adult. she's great to talk to.) she told me that if her youngest son was a girl, they were going to name him Solia. My mom wouldn't let them though, "No! We INVENTED that name! You can't have it!" Bs. Search Solia on google, get a Million results. It's frustrating because i never heard about that until friday. My mom never told me that, and If Donna hadn't told me, I never would have known. It's my name, right? Once you name your kid it's their name to do what they please with it. I should have at least been asked, or told about it, you know what I mean? That makes me angry...
Oh well. I'm going to work on my fanfic a little bit more. For those of you who read, (which i doubt there's any) or in case your interested click the link in the side panel under links click on Have Faith In Destiny.

A Little summary on the chapter:

Solia and Jack finally make it into Tortuga. Her first time out of the posh town isn't quite what she expected. Pirates, men, aren't what she expected, especially, Jack Sparrow. Tortuga, isn't the friendly, picturesque pirate town she expected, and she'll have to learn to trust Jack, or face the dangers alone.

Well that's all there is for me today. I'm going to get back to work on that chapter. Good night, and good luck,