is frustrating as hell. what more is there to say about it? i tried. i've tried and tried. i don't understand it. no one understands it. the teacher won't help me. i'm going to flunk it. i guess that's just a fact. i mean, it's not like i want to flunk it, but the way this teacher is and how it's going, i don't see any other way to go.

saturday, hopefully, i am getting out of this house. i am getting out of this house and going to the movies. i am getting out of this house, going to the movies, and finally going to see memoirs of a geisha after 50 million cancelled plans. thank god.

i'm actually happy that monday is school. i just i'm sick of being at home. it'll be good. it'll be good to be back at school.

i'm going to try to get to bed early tonight. when i finish this blog i'm going to go take a shower, turn off everything and read a midsummer night's dream again.

Today's Random Thoughts:

  • i let my nails get long. i kinda like it though, but kinda annoying.
  • craig ferguson's reading the great gatsby, and i just realized i need to read it for honors english.
  • i can act, but i can't do public speaking. i can play the sax, but i can't sing a solo. that's weird.
  • ironically, shortening the chapter doesn't really make it short. it's 3 full pages right now, which is one of the (if not the longest) chapter so far.
  • how crammed is my schedule going to be next week? two basketball games (or so i've heard) and at least one play rehearsal...
well that's it from me today. goodnight.