A Midsummer Night's Dream...

Closes tonight. AWWW. I am going to miss everyone so much. Opening night was AWESOME. Last night was pretty much SOLD OUT, and tonight i'm sure it will be also. It's crazy how the audience can disappear and it's just you standing there. Performing live in a play is such a rush. It was so hard not to cry when my brother hugged me just because i was so happy. Tonight's 'family night' beings as my mom's bought 16 tickets for mi tias y mi primas and some of her friends, and then i got two tickets for some of my friends and some of my other cousin/friends are coming too. Tonight promises to be a good one.

Currently: Relaxing, watching my happy movie Pirates of The Caribbean, preparing not to cry tonight after the play ends and trying not to burn my tounge on apple cider.

The show starts at seven! Don't miss it!