$1 for 8 minutes?!? Or How To Survive Camping (Part 1)

So I just got back on Sunday from camping at Clear Lake, and me and my cousin Hobz decided to make a camping survival guide. She’s drawing the pictures, so they’re still under construction, but I figure until I type up all the survival tips I’ll just run this in installments.
So here we go, and in no particular order:
$1 for 8 minutes?!? Or How To Survive Camping (Part 1)

  • No matter what time of the day it is, if you’re in line for the shower you will hear very awkward things. The standards are: the male and female couple showering together, male only showering and moaning, and the ever popular screaming child and demanding parent.
  • It doesn’t matter how many quarters you use to shower. You’ll be dirty again in five minutes anyway.
  • Cheese in a can may sound disgusting, but pair it with some crackers and you have one of the best beach snacks ever.
  • Board games are cool again! But once you’re out of the woods they become lame again.
  • No one goes to bed until the campfire burns out, otherwise you run the risk of setting all of Northern California ablaze.
  • Big fish always show up when no one else is watching. You may seem like the ‘boy-who-cried-wolf’, but you saw a giant fish and no one else did! So shut up and stop bragging!
  • No matter your race, you turn into a redneck hillbilly when your camping because you get excited about “going to town!”.
  • Personal hygiene goes down the tubes. If you loose your toothpaste, you can go without brushing your teeth for days: just pop in a piece of gum! Your hair tangles into knots and children’s faces turn grey. Just remember that skunk will always smell worse than you without deodorant.
  • It’s easy to have a staring contest with a deer, but if you blink they will run.
  • No matter how much time you think you have left in the shower, your quarters will always run out when you suds up for the second time.

That’s all for this issue of our camping survival guide. Stay tuned for our next edition which will help with things like mosquitos, marshmallows and those fuzzy woodland creatures!
Love ya!



Anonymous said...

Hi! :D Ok, I'm commenting.

Cheese in a can really does sound nasty.

Hygiene out the window? I don't think I should go camping then. Not the whole tent and great outdoors thing. I can do the cabin and great outdoors though. :P

LOL Did you guys almost set Norcal ablaze?

Solia Jacobs said...

1) cheese in a can is good! as long as it's cheddar. any other can is nasty. plus we only ever eat it camping so it's pretty good!

2) you can keep clean, it's just hard to. so we all shower, but then we spray ourselves with bug spray and get all sticky and gross with that and dirt anyway. hahaha. it's fun! you should try it.

3) no, we didn't set nor-cal ablaze. we did, however make delicious smores. (stay tuned for details)

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"male only showering and moaning"

...Direct me to that campsite please.