Oh Disneyland, You Price Gouging B****...

Well we all know that Disneyland, although the happiest place on earth, is also the MOST EXPENSIVE.  

Conversation A:

Me: omgosh.  never again
Mark: the public service announcement?
Me: no, i finished watching that like 45 minutes ago

I should mention that I was watching "The Secret Life Of The American Teenager" (waay too long of a title for a tv show, if you ask me.) on ABC

 Family.  Normally I steer clear of ABC Family because it's the second coming of The Disney Channel and we all know that Disney is just a huge money hungry corporation...which leads me back to the topic at hand...

Me: so i bought a popcorn bucket thing at Disneyland coz it had pirates on it...haha

Yes, we all know about my obsession with pirates.  Not surprising.  Oh, I should also mention 
that this was an AIM conversation.  Continue...

Mark: wtf? ok
Me: so it's like $5.50
Me: i just made popcorn and only 1 bag fit in it and it was overflowing
Mark: all that 4 some small cardboard w/ a pirate logo on it?
Me: no, a plastic bucket. ><
Mark: ummm missin the point here kid
Me: point being
Mark: it's still 5.50 4 a piece of plastic w/ art on it
Me: yeah, $5.50 for a plastic bucket full of popcorn which only holds one microwave bag of popcorn
Mark: go0d deal? i don't think so
Me: well i like the bucket
Me: but that's expensive!

Yes.  Those price gouging bastards sell about the same amount of popcorn in a microwave bag, inside a pretty bucket for like 50 Million times the price!
But then again, I like their popcorn better than even the movie theatres.  They must sprinkle it with Pixie Dust.

Oh Disneyland, you may be the happiest place on earth but you are a cruel, cruel mistress who loves to inflict deadly pain upon my wallet.